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When you’re improving your home, the first hurdle you’re likely to come across is deciding whether or not you’ll do it yourself, or hire a tradesman. Do you roll up your sleeves and take on the task or would you rather relax with a nice cup of tea whilst the professionals ply their trade, in your soon to be renewed home?

Wren Kitchens recently carried out a survey, entitled ‘The Home Wrenovation Survey 2015’, and with the aim of not only understanding how many of us engage in DIY, but also what drives our renovation decisions in the first place.

When specifically looking at DIY, the key takeaways from the survey are:

  • 95% of homeowners aged 18 to 24 stated that they would DIY, or at least try, before hiring a professional.
  • DIY pips hiring professionals, with 70% of UK homeowners choosing DIY first.
  • The older you get, the more likely you are to leave it to the professionals for the perfect finish.

However, DIY is certainly not for everyone. If the thought of spending the weekend (or perhaps the week!) tackling your own DIY project doesn’t appeal, there are other options available. Hiring a tradesman is a great way to avoid the stress that comes with renovating your home.

So, if you’re set on choosing a professional, websites such as RatedPeople can help you in your search. They allow you to share the work you need completing and professionals will respond, along with reviews from other customers.

You can read more or download the survey yourself by visiting Wren’s dedicated page for the survey.

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