Im in the early stages of planning a demolition and rebuild on my plot, however I am having to contend with a public sewer pipe of 225mm at 2.5-3.0mm depth running diagonally from the neighbours plot through my plot. Ive been told by the local water authority that the sewer can be diverted, however there needs to be a 3m clearance to the building. This wouldn’t be such an issue, however they also said that there needs to be a 3m clearance on the opposite side of the pipe to the side of the plot as I cant affect the neighbours plot with any required work. This means a 6m clearance at the side of the plot whereas I was expecting to build right up to the 2m boundary, similar to what neighbouring properties have done. A difference of 4m is quite lot of potential floor space lost.

Does anybody know of any way around this or ability to negotiate to get some of this length back for the build?

Thanks in advance

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