I have just about completed my first newbuild and have fallen foul of providing disabled access.
I have provided disabled access through our garage and into the house, around 5m to gain access, which more than meets the requirements for a ramp, it is inside the garage, so no weather and icing issues. More than 50m2 area and lit.
Building control has just informed me that I must provide a ramp at the rear of my property instead. This means that a disabled person must get out of the car and travel more than 25m to get to the rear door, outside and around 3 corners in all weather conditions!
I have 22 downlights built into the soffit and switched by timers. I must provide PIR’s instead so wheelchair users can switch them automatically…… lots of trees around so a potential for false detection and lights going on and off.
This is all to accommodate a disabled person who does not live in the house.
I have a relation confined to a wheelchair who has a purpose built house to suit him and not an able bodied person, but that is ok with building control.
Is this a case of discrimination against the able bodied?
I would be interested in any comments regarding a possible appeal against building an outside ramp access as I feel I have more than accommodated any future disabled person.

  • Mark Brinkley

    If the building inspector won’t negotiate you can technically appeal but you’d probably lose and it would take an age.. It is probably easier to construct a simple ramp and install a PIR light in order to get "finaled" (i.e. signed off by building control) and then you are free remove, if you should so wish.

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