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When it comes to creating your dream home, it can be all too easy to focus on the interiors. But the kerb appeal you will create by shifting some focus to your home’s exterior will not only improve how satisfied you are with your property, but will also give your home a real wow-factor.

But kerb appeal doesn’t just come from the main dwelling – your garage can lend a helping hand too.

Here are six design ideas for your garage door.

1) Sectional Garage Doors

Contemporary garage door

The right garage door can really enhance your home’s exterior

If you want to make use of the available space in your garage, then a sectional garage door is definitely worth considering.

Sectional doors open vertically and are suspended under the ceiling to help save space. Options are available with impressive insulative and security properties as well as numerous design options to ensure a suitable aesthetic to match any property.

2) Up and Over Garage Doors

Up and over garage door

Up and over garage doors from Hörmann are available in 200 RAL colours

If you are looking to complete your project on a tight budget, then the up and over garage door could be a great solution. With a classic appearance and tried and tested technology, up and over doors are a suitable option for those looking for user-friendly operation.

Available in canopy and retractable variants, the designs are incredibly varied in terms of colour, material and glazing options making it really simple to choose a garage door that complements the overall look of your home.

3) Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage door

Roller garage doors are great for those looking to maximise available space

If space is at a premium and you want to be able to use every available inch of space in your garage without any superfluous door mechanisms impacting your ceiling space, then you should seriously consider a roller garage door.

Roller garage doors open vertically and take up very little space which means your ceiling will be left free, enabling you to use it for additional storage or to add an overhead lamp (especially useful if your garage is going to be used as a workshop).

4) Side Sliding Sectional Garage Doors

Side sliding sectional garage door

Side sliding sectional garage doors are the perfect solution for special fitting situations

For situations where the garage ceiling is used for storage, or the garage is a non-standard shape (features a sloping ceiling for example), you can always choose a garage door that opens sideways instead of upwards.

These doors can also be opened partially for pedestrian access and often feature finger trap protection as well as automatic safety cut out should there be an obstruction.

5) Automation

ProMatic canopy garage door operator from Hormann

Hörmann’s ProMatic canopy garage door operator allows a user to operate the garage door from the comfort and safety of the car

For real wow-factor and ease of use, it is well worth considering automating your garage doors. As nights draw in and temperatures drop, the comfort and convenience of being able to operate your garage door from inside your car or home is hard to dispute.

Check with your supplier to see if your chosen style of garage door is compatible with automatic operation (in some cases you may be able to retrofit a door operator to your existing garage door).

6) Finishing Touches

As well as choosing from a range of stylish garage door configurations, you can also choose from a variety of colours and textures to ensure that your new garage door is completely in keeping with the rest of your home.

For more advice or assistance on choosing the right garage door option for your home, contact Hörmann.

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