Here we look at some features to add to your design. Whether you are building a contemporary or a traditional home, there are plenty of ways to make your project stand out.

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Exposed Brickwork
Here, the exposed brickwork shows where the old part of the house meets the new extension. The brickwork also creates a visual connect with the wall outside to create a greater sense of space.

Exposed brickwork in a remodelled Victorian villa

Glass Floor
A glass floor means that levels can borrow light from one another. Again, this can create a sense of space and make a landing or corridor feel less enclosed.

Glass floor in Stan Bolt home in Devon

Central Stairwell
The stairs land in the centre of the upper floor in this oak framed home. This creates a galleried landing of sorts, and the feeling of a double height hallway in the entrance. The landing space has then been used effectively as a library.

Central stairwell in oak framed country home

Shutters are a great way to enhance the period charm of a home that may have originally had them. They can also reduce draught, as well as acting in place of curtains or blinds to block light or maintain privacy. As they are usually made from wood, they can easily be painted for a quick makeover.

Shutters in an old georgian farmhouse

Floor to Ceiling Glass
Bring the outside in with floor to ceiling glass and make the most of a stunning view. With the latest technology, heat regulating glass means you don’t have to worry about it being too hot in summer or too cold come winter.

Floor to ceiling glass in a modern self build

Jettied Upper Storey
Jettying was popular in the middle ages as a way to make a larger first floor without obstructing the narrow streets below. Now it is often used to inject some medieval charm into timbered new builds, but contemporary homes can also benefit from the striking structural effects of cantilevered upper floors.

Jettied upper storey on an oak frame home

Glass Roof
This glass roof makes the house brighter and feel larger. The lower floor is used as a conservatory area in which the owners grow exotic plants. A comfortable temperature is maintained throughout the year with use of a heat recovery and ventilation system.

Glass roof in a modern SIPs home

Polished Concrete
Hardwearing, easy to clean, and modern — polished concrete is a sleek addition to a minimalist home. Here it has been used throughout the living area in a remodelled Victorian Terrace.

Polished concrete flooring in a living area in a remodelled Victorian terrace

Covered Balcony
In the summer months, a balcony is sure to get some use, but with variable weather a covering is a sensible addition. This home has the aesthetic appeal of a balcony, and means they can be outside but not too exposed to the elements.

Covered balcony on a Scandinavian style home in Scotland

Glass Barriers
Bulky balustrades and barriers can ruin the silhouette of a staircase or landing. Use toughened glass and you are safe from falls, without preventing the flow of light.

Glass balustrade acts as barrier on a roof terrace

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