After the break for Christmas, we’re back on site and it’s great to get back into the swing of the project. We can see our plans coming to fruition which is really exciting! Finally it’s time to start introducing some smart home tech to our self build.

We’ve added our six Velux Longlight rooflights so the building is now flooded with natural light and no longer looks like an underground bunker.

The rooflights we chose are both high-performance and triple glazed, and run on actuators that are controlled by electric motors (some of the rooflights also feature blinds that can also be electrically controlled).

We’ve also begun first fix of our electrics and plumbing which means we can start connecting our rooflights (and other aspects of the build) to our smart home system.

Creating A Smart Home

Working with Halo Haus, we’ve chosen a Loxone smart home system to act as the ‘brain’ of our home that will control ventilation, heating, lighting and security. This will mean that the house starts to work as an intelligent organism rather than a series of systems all operating independently of each other.

All switches in our new home will feature an integral thermostats and humidistats which will allow the Loxone system to sense if the internal environment is overheating. If an uncomfortable temperature or level of humidity is detected, the Loxone system can either vent the rooflights or open the external louvres to help to maintain a comfortable environment.

Tune in for a future blog post and video where I’ll talk you through the capabilities of the Loxone system when it is all up and running.

national smart home month logoNational Smart Home Month will run throughout October to raise awareness about the life-enhancing benefits of smart home technology. Discover how to add smart tech into your home with product and project advice from Real Homes, Homebuilding & Renovating, T3 and TechRadar.

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