While the weather is not on our side, February is a great time to sort out your finances and ensure time spent indoors is not wasted.

Here we have collated some articles on costs, finance and money to help you plan your upcoming self build project, or keep on top of one which is underway.

The Ultimate Build Cost Guide
Michael Holmes explains how to accurately estimate how much your self-build project is going to cost, and how different factors affect the outcome

Self Build Mortgages: Current Rates
Self build mortgage rates table. Regularly updated table lists self build mortgages currently offered by a wide range of building societies. All data is sourced from moneyfacts.co.uk

How to Finance Your Self Build
There are many different ways to fund your self build project, but how do you know which one is best for you?

How to Finance Your Renovation
Our guide to financing a renovation project, including advice on extensions and auctions

Raising Finance Tips
A quick guide to raising finance for your self build

Maximise Your VAT Reclaim
How to save £1,000s on your labour and material costs with our guide to what HMRC won’t tell you

Using Quantity Surveyors
If you’re worried about keeping your project on budget, a quantity surveyor – or at the very least close attention to cost estimating – is essential, says Jason Orme

How to Estimate Your Own Build Costs
If you’re worried about keeping your project on budget, close attention to cost estimating is essential. Here Jason Orme explains how to estimate your own build costs

The Hidden Costs of Self Build
Building your own home can prove an exceptionally good financial investment, but don’t make any decisions before considering some of the less obvious costs

Self Build Cost Control
Good financial management is a key skill for anyone running a self-build project

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