We are in the process of buying a 1950’s bungalow and our home buyers survey identified that most of the floors were damp. We’ve had two companies look at this and have been given two possible solutions depending on what is found when the wooden floor is ripped up and the concrete floor underneath revealed. The quote from a builder who we trust is for around £20,000 plus vat for worse case scenario I.e digging up the floors to a depth of 450mm and replacing with appropriate screed and damp proofing.
The other solution is to lay a plastic pocketed membrane over the concrete and a treated wood chip on top of this which would considerably raise the current floor levels.

The total floor area needing to be replaced is around 650 square feet. Our big problem is we don’t know what we will find until the floors are investigated properly and we need to budget for worse case scenario. Does the quote from our builder sound about right and are there any other solutions that we haven’t considered?

We’d be grateful for any thoughts or advice from anyone who has experienced a similar problem..


  • Stephen Margerison

    Hi £20,000 sounds enormous ! look at it another way, how much can you employ a labourer for ? say £600 week, so I would say, 2-3 weeks then you need a roll of visqueen (£50) insulation, say £500 layer of sand £100 more visqueen (already have) then say 2 men for max 1 week, concrete say £1500 job done where are we, £5000 ? ish £20,000 sorry no way hope this helps.

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