We are planning to buy a house on a corner plot with the plan to add a two story extension. The side has ample room but as it overlooks a street will we be allowed to do it? Also the houses behind ours are in line with the existing side of ours overlooking the street would we be compromising the building line and thus not get planning permission for this reason also?

Don’t want the house if we can’t extend!

  • Rachel Haynes

    Hi, tricky to answer without seeing the plot. However, overlooking a street isn’t a problem in itself – overlooking people’s private land or looking in through windows so causing a lack of privacy would be more of a planning issue. Breaking the building line of a street by coming forward could be more of an issue – are there other examples of extensions that do that on other properties on the street?

    Either way, the best way forward will be to contact the local authority planning department. See if you can arrange a site visit or a meeting and try and get an idea of what you are thinking of broadly (size, materials, usage, window positions) on a drawing so that the planners can comment and give you advice on whether an extension would be viewed favourably. As the planners will make the final decision they are the best people to give the advice you need!

    Hope this is of use.

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