Hi, i have an attached garage with room on top of it with flat roof. I was thinking of making it into a separate entity. it needs the garage door taking off and a window putting in at the front, i believe this doesnt need building regs or planing if use fensa? I need to replace a side window with door-same width so a cut out, again can use fensa? i believe the floor will have to dug up and damp proofed properly? that does need regs? i would like a bedroom and kitchen downstairs – the cieling height from the floor is 7ft is that high enough? i will need building regs for the stairs?, upstairs will be a lounge, small bedroom and small bathroom, there is enough windows already there for each room to have one so i presume i dont need building regs for any of upstairs? am i guessing all i need the regs for is the floor downstairs, the stairs+ staircase, possible ventilation in bathroom? do i need downstairs walls insulating? i presume ill need regs to get connected to electric, gas, water, sewage, how much does it cost to get connected to the electric, water, gas?? any ideas how much a convert like this would cost to be a separate entity?, seems striaght forward.
thanks for any help

  • Nigel Lewis

    I take it by separate entity you mean a separate dwelling.

    You will need both planning permission and Building regulations for the change of use, as a result none of the work will be permitted development.

    The planners will be looking at the impact of the additional dwelling to the immediate area. They will consider among other things issues such as parking arrangements for both the existing and new dwelling, cycle and bin storage, overlooking or privacy issues, design and infrastructure contributions.

    Building control will want to see the newly formed dwelling complying with Part B for means of escape, Part L for energy conservation as well as all the other issues you mentioned. Depending on the existing structure they may wish you to prove the garage building is structurally suitable for the new use.

    I wouldn’t assume this is straightforward, a lot of applications for change of use such as you are talking about fall at the first hurdle of getting planning permission.

  • bob p

    Hi thanks for your reply, i presume the structure of the room above the garage is sound as its already a bedroom, i dont know if the garage it self would need another layer around it. there is only one small window to the side of the property which looks on the neighbours house which is already there in the bedroom, if its an issue it could be blocked up, the only other window that looks on next door is at the back of the bedroom but it only looks on the garden and that window is already there. i have a drive which can be split into 2, my house would have enough room for 2 big cars and the new dwelling would have enough room for 2 small cars or 1 large car, the new dwelling would come with a garden so room for bins to be stored, and there would be a right of way created down the side going around the new dwelling to the back of my house so i had access to keep my bins at the back and bring them around on bin day. I live in an area where they have granted lots of planning permission to turn terraced houses into flats where there isnt any parking which is ridiculous.
    i understand you need planning permission to turn it into a new entity/dwelling, i was meaning more from the things i want to do, which are the things i would need to stick to building regs and which i didnt? with regards to connecting to the electric and water mains, can i split my electric already coming to my house and put a 2nd meter on it? the new meter could go in exactly the same place but on the side of the wall in the new dwelling , they would be in identical positions in both houses. can i split my water in two as well? that would be harder as it would have to come further, could i just get a plumber to do that, then the water board to fit the meter?. thanks for any help

  • Nigel Lewis

    Hello Bob,

    Planners make no differentiation between the size of cars for different properties. They are looking at spaces of 4.8 x 2.4m. As it varies around the country and is linked to how accessible public transport is from the site, I can’t comment on how many spaces the new and existing properties will need.

    You will not need permission to split your services, but having separate services cannot be used as an argument to help you gain permission. You may be wasting your time and money if permission is not granted. You would be wise to talk to the service suppliers who may not want one bill being broken into two for a building that is simply a garage belonging to your house.

    It isn’t people on this forum that you need to be convincing that the project is a good idea. I suggest that you have a discussion with your planning office, or better still make a pre-application enquiry. While you are at it, it may be a good move to sound your neighbours out about your plans at an early stage, as they will have the opportunity to have their say on your application.

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