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When you’re looking to purchase a garage door, either as part of your new build or to replace an old tired one, it’s often hard to know where to start. Evander have been fitting garage doors for over a decade and have just set up a brand new, customer-centric website, helping you to make sense of what you need to consider when buying a garage door. Check out their top tips below.

Choose the Best Opening Mechanism for You

There are many ways to open a garage door, but by far the most well-known is the canopy opening style. This is where you pull the door outwards and upwards so that it sits within the garage ceiling space when it’s fully open. Retractable garage doors also open in this ‘up & over’ movement, but they push back to fit neatly within the garage, rather than sticking out by about a third, as with canopy doors.

If you’re happy with this opening style, then you have the most choice of styles and door materials available to you. You’re also more likely to get your door surveyed, ordered and fitted within just 7 days. However, there are other opening options that you may not have considered.

Sectional and roller doors are becoming increasingly popular door types in the UK, especially on new and contemporary builds, as they convey an understated modern look. The main benefit of sectional and roller doors is that they open by moving straight upwards, which is perfect if you have limited space at the front of your garage. These doors don’t ‘kick out’ like canopy and retractable doors do, so you’re able to drive straight up to the garage before opening the door to go in. For more specific information about the pros and cons of each garage door opening mechanism, check out Evander’s handy bite-sized guides.

Consider the Material

The material your door is made from is another important consideration, as this can affect the thermal efficiency, the look and the level of upkeep your garage will need. Canopy and retractable doors are commonly available in steel and timber versions, with a plethora of designs existing in each material – from simple, plain styles with sleek lines to grander, more traditional versions; there’s bound to be something to suit your tastes.

Roller doors are restricted by their very design, as the door needs to roll up around itself when open. This means that all roller doors have narrow, horizontal ‘slats’ rather than larger plain spaces or raised panels. These slats are made from twin-walled aluminium with an insulated core, which will effortlessly keep your garage at a comfortable temperature, whether the temperature outside is scorching hot or freezing cold. With plenty of colours to choose from, as well as wood-grain finishes, they can be a surprisingly versatile door choice.

Sectional doors – now becoming hugely popular in the UK and already well-established in Europe – are constructed from steel but with an insulated centre, much like the roller doors mentioned above. This is great for keeping your garage from suffering during hot or cold weather. Sectional doors are also available in a myriad of colours, as well as modern metallic finishes and timber-look textured finishes.  For more information about the pros and cons of each material type, take a look at this useful guide.

Work With the Look of Your Property

Your garage door, no matter what size it is, is going to play a big part in the overall look of your property. The right garage door will not only last for years, but it can also completely change how your property appears. This can add value and help your home to convey a particular era or specific look.

Both contemporary and older houses can be enhanced with the right door. Roller and sectional doors tend to nod towards an up-to-date style, yet with the right finish could blend seamlessly with more traditional homes too. It really depends on the colour or finish you choose, although some doors are undeniably more specific in design than others.

For instance, an ultra-modern new build may not suit a retractable Garador Wolsey, but equally a listed Georgian property may not work as well with a metallic anthracite roller door. However, on the right properties, these doors would really shine.

It’s important to think carefully about what would suit your home and go from there. It may be useful to see what others have done with similar property styles to yours; have a look online or take a walk around your neighbourhood – you may be surprised at the variety of doors out there and how they can change the look of the homes in your area.

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