While there have been some really positive things going on onsite over the last three or four weeks, we’ve also had a massive, massive problem – by far the largest we’ve encountered on the entire project (which makes me realise just how crisis-free this project has been so far).

We noticed that our plaster had started to crack and delaminate from the walls. Not what we wanted to hear when we had mist coated all the walls and were starting to fit the kitchen!

This means we have had to go through and redo around 80% of our plasterwork, smashing it back to the brick and starting again, which is a little heartbreaking.

Investigating the cause is an ongoing process, but as we are due to move in imminently, we had no choice but to get a new team of plasterers in and crack on.

As heartbreaking as it is, I do understand that sometimes things do go wrong on building projects and this just highlights the need to always have a contingency budget so that problems like this do not derail the whole project.

The silver lining to the whole thing is that we had noticed some areas of uneven plaster which were causing issues when it came to tiling the walls. So by having to remove the plaster, we can rectify those issues as we go, and the finish is much more even and smooth this second time around.

So it’s been tough few weeks, but then building your own home is never easy. It’s what makes the process so rewarding when you enjoy your finished home.

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