One of the largest and most crucial elements of any self build project is the roof, and as our build will feature a green roof, it is an even more complicated and time-consuming process.

We’ve used precast concrete system for the base with multiple materials layered on top.

We started with the concrete plank. This was then heated before we applied a primer and a thick, torch-on vapour check membrane to prevent moisture from the building rising into the insulation layer and condensating.

Then we added a tapered insulation system from Kingspan – a custom solution whereby the insulation is cut to fall so that any water that lands on the roof runs back towards specific outlets instead of collecting in puddles and causing damage.

On top of that goes another layer of waterproofing, followed by a layer of Icopal’s Rootbar – a root-resistant layer – which will stop any roots from the green roof penetrating the membrane and insulation below.

And it doesn’t stop there – we have additional fleeces, draining, gravel and soil layers.

Now complete, our roof has an average u-value of 0.12W/m²K.

Getting our project insulated and weathertight has been a massive moment for us and has felt like real progress.

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