Progress has been rapid, in a matter of weeks we’ve got all the outside layer of timber work up and the windows fitted.

Having created the 240mm void all around the building using the I-Joists and breathable MDF to help keep the insulation dry and free of damp, we’re now blowing the insulation.

We’re using a high performance carbon-activated expanded polystyrene, which comes as a resin-coated bead called Platinum EcoBead. These beads are then pumped (at pressure) into the voids we created. This provides a continuous layer of insulation and reduces the risk of thermal bypass.

Seeing as we plan on cladding the building in stone (which understandably takes time), we needed the insulation to be protected from the elements to prevent it from becoming less effective over time.

So we’ve got a dry, completely uniform, high-performance insulation layer that doesn’t get degraded by site exposure – I think it’s a really smart way to insulate buildings.

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