A lot of the last few weeks have really been about plasterwork. We have a plastered ceiling – built on a metal suspended ceiling system to hide all of the ductwork and wires from the first fix of our pipework, electrics and MVHR system.

The suspended ceiling was boarded over and skimmed with standard gypsum plaster to help unify the spaces and reduced the visual noise left behind from first fix.

When it comes to walls we’re using a different approach. To help achieve our airtightness requirements, we’re doing a two-step cement render process (and this has helped us achieve a Passivhaus level of airtightness). We chose a white cement mixed with sand to help create the textured finish of our walls, and this texture will still be visible even when the walls are painted.

What’s been very exciting about the plaster going on the walls is that it pulls the interior scheme together, allowing us to get much more clarity around the sense of shapes and spaces that we’ve been trying to create.

Another great thing about getting to the plasterwork stage is that once the ceiling is up, we get a much clearer impression of the quality of light that the space is going to have.

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