You had a very brief mention of a cantilever to extend a property recently in Homebuilding and Renovation Magazine …. but not any details. I am interested in either a small cantilever (approx 18inches to 2 ft) to a bedroom dormer extension that has been part of the the house for more than 30 years.It needs to be replaced due to leaks. I have read about cantelevers but any guidance would be really helpful.

The other option for this room is a small build- out with a support without increasing the footprint- we are in a conservation area and the planners are unkeen to see our foootprint increased on this side of the house.

We are also consdering a small rear extension (planners happy with this) and would be interested in cantilever options at ground floor level.

Would you have any advice and/or consider doing a review of the use of cantilevers for readers ?

Many thanks

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