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Staircase lighting not only improves the visibility and safety of the stairs, but also creates ambience in your hallway. Find out how to enhance your stairs with wall, tread and feature lighting.

Theatrical Wall Lighting

Installing wall fixtures naturally enhances the visual impact of your staircase. In comparison to a theatre, all your focus is drawn to that one point, because that is where the light is drawing your attention to.
Wall spotlights can emphasize specific architectural details of a staircase. When positioned pointing at step level, the dramatic focus of the light can highlight the quality of each tread or the flowing grain of timber stairs. It also ensures the stairs are well-lit, ensuring safety.
There are a variety of shapes and sizes available. It is recommended to install wall fixtures every three steps to avoid any harsh glares, although this depends on the size of the spotlights. Often smaller spotlights are installed every other step or even above every step in a wall.
Step and Tread Lighting

Lighting can be installed into or onto a staircase by utilising the surface of the steps or treads.
A strip of LED lighting can be installed discreetly into a rebated section on the underside of a stair tread, which hides any of the lighting fixtures and creates dramatic glow on the tread below. This versatile lighting method can be adapted to suit both open and closed riser staircase design.
Alternatively for closed riser stair designs only, spotlights can be installed onto the surface of the riser at equal intervals, which in turn produces the same illuminous effect.
Incorporate Lighting Within the Staircase Design

A glass staircase design is great for incorporating lighting as It allows the light to flow through the material and around the hall.
By using a triple laminated glass tread design, LED Lighting can be incorporated into the bottom layer of glass displaying the effect that the lighting is embedded in each tread. In addition, Italian cracked glass can be used to enhance the lighting and create a glamorous shimmery effect.
Alternatively, the LED lighting can be installed within the side of a glass staircase, as long as the stringer is opaque so the wiring and fixings can be hidden. By side mounting the LED lighting next to the glass treads, light can be projected through the glass making the whole tread glow.
Feature Lighting and Chandeliers

Bespoke feature lighting is great way to brighten up your staircase as well as the entire room, without worrying about it affecting the staircase design. A feature light or central chandelier can also be installed as an artistic statement or to simply complement the surrounding décor within a home.
Often a helical or curved staircase blocks out natural light due to their size and structure. In addition, the use of solid materials on a staircase instead of glass can impede on the flow of light, blocking light to the rest of the hallway.
To make up for the lack of light, a hanging pendant or cluster lighting feature is a popular choice. Its flexible design allows a person to stagger each light piece at the desired length, creating a dramatic cascading effect.

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