We are converting our 80s bungalow into a modern eco box, the utilities run down the side of the house (where we intend to extend) to the externally mounted metres at the back of the property. I have contacted my gas supply distributer to move the meter to the front which will take 8 weeks whih already means a delay for the foundations, but i wondered if it was a requirement to have the electricity supply moved or if they could leave space in the footings essentially building around the supply. I would prefer to have the meter at the back of the house where it is.


  • Tony Taylor


    It is unlikely that the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) will allow the existing cables to remain in their current position, building over them is generally unacceptable.

    Where utility cables pass through the footings and rise inside the building, to an internal meter position, this run should be as short as possible. More recently DNO’s will only install a cut-out and meter in an external meter box.

    It sounds like you will have to get the supply cables moved. On the positive side, I have had good experiences with the team dealing with cable relocations, they will provide you with a new duct, which your builder installs, then they appear to relocate the cable and strip out the redundant equipment.

    You will probably be able to retain your current meter position, it’s just the cable route that will change.

    Most DNO’s also publish their fees for this kind of work, have a look at the connections section of their website.

    To find out which DNO is responsible for the connection (different to the company who bill you for electricity) visit this site http://www.smartgreenengineer.co.uk/resources scroll down the page to Electricity supplies, where you can find which DNO serves your postcode.


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