I am planning to extend into the rear of my property into my private garden within permitted development measurements. It is a bit unclear but I dont know whether this is 3m or more? the ifnormation seems to vary out there, but I live under the Camden council and in the south hampstead conservation area.

we have a tree out the front which is under a TPO and is under investigation for subsidence – there is an insurance claim on it at the moment.

Our extension relates to the BACK of the property. And we are already getting pushback from the neighbours.

If we remain within PD guidelines can we continue with the renovation without their interference?
and if we choose to extend greater than PD guidelines, again the same question?

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Unless you are over the original permitted development limits of 3m then you don’t have to inform anyone and your neighbours have no say over what you build.
    If you build up to the current temporary permitted development limit of 4m then you need to do a neighbour consultation scheme through the local authority and if the neighbours make a formal complaint to the council then they are oblidged to check your application in more detail and may request further details from you.
    However as for your circumstances Permitted development is permitted in a conservation area so long as you stay within the original 3m depth and single storey and anything outside of this will require conservation area consent. All the details on this are available on the Planning portal here: http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/permission/commonprojects/extensions

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