We have a garage which runs the length of our house front to back. It was an extension by previous owners. The door to it is from the back garden. We have a fairly small utility which backs on to the back of the garage.

We were wondering about knocking a doorway through from the utility to the garage to make the garage a larger utility room.

What does this involve / how do you go about this and what is the ballpark cost likely to be? I’m assuming as this is the original wall of the house we would be knocking through that’s a bit more complicated/expensive?

We are in NI.

  • Mark Brinkley

    Making a hole in a wall for a new door or window is not particularly difficult though it can be messy and there can be significant amounts of making good afterwards. Significant openings require propping before demolition takes place but a single doorway isn’t likely to cause any difficulties in this respect. The question is whether the new door frame requires a lintel over it to support the wall/roof load above – that’s impossible to tell from the information you have given I’m afraid.

    As ever, it’s almost impossible to give ballpark figure for building work in an internet forum!

  • Stephen Margerison

    No problem, You will certainly need a lintel, or if its a thick wall maybe 2!! this is relatively easy to do, and just needs arm muscle ! there will be a lot of debris, and dust !! Lintel costs ? say £25 for concrete, then 2-3 days at say £100 day. next your door MUST be a 1 hour fire door, on a self closer!! ideally it should have a step down as well. But the easy way is to speak to your local building inspector at town hall. hope that helps SKM

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