Building 1 is two storeys. Former garage converted to commercial gym. Current use – gym business with let flat above.
Building 2 is a single storey light industrial with mezzanine. Former garage, converted to office/store. Current use – online business.

The buildings are in Scarborough in a residential/light industrial area combining Victorian terraced properties, garage repair properties & various unique converted properties both business and residential, and lots of student lets.

I propose to knock the ground floors of both adjacent properties into one larger gym and fitness studio, add a roof (with planning permission) to the single storey unit and extend the flat above, combining buildings with a view to making this my ultimate final home with letting business unit below.

Does this sound feasible?

Thank you.


  • Jeremy Murfitt


    Can’t see why not subject of course to securing planning permission. The rules for change of use from commercial to residential have recently been relaxed to help stimulate residential development. That said this only covers the actual change of use, planning would still be required for the roof you refer to. Given the easing of the change of use some of the usual problems go away, for example highways, as the number of vehicle movements falls dramatically.

    I would double check the freehold titles for your two properties to ensure that there are no restrictive covenants on the use.


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