Hello I have a paddock which used to be part of my parents home, the septic tank is located on this and the outlet from it goes into land drains across a part of the paddock. It was well installed 25 years ago and there is no damp ground / odour etc.. The new owners of the original house have agreed to put in a new tank for themselves on their land, and we are due to build a house on the paddock with a new sewage system, any thoughts if there are implications due to the old septic tank land drain soak ways ? thanks Paul

  • Mark Brinkley

    When you come to put any new foundations in, the usual requirement is to get down to virgin (i.e.undug) ground. A septic tank and its drains would class as dug and therefore wouldn’t take any bearing load. The land drains are unlikely to be that deep and so you could probably just dig through them down to clean ground but the tank could well go down 3m or so, in which case you would require a work around. Either the hole could be bridged with a lintel or maybe filled in with concrete. Your engineer/building inspector will advise.

  • Paul Banfield

    Thanks Mark, very helpful, I think we can orientate the house to avoid the old tank (just clean and back fill possibly), but the drains were a bit of a worry. Cheers Paul

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