I’m looking for some advice on exterior wall insulation.

Our house was built in the 70s with cavity walls, at some point reportedly, it had cavity wall insulation installed. However, any holes I’ve ever made into the cavity reveals little in the way of foam insulation and what there is crumbles away to dust as soon as you touch it. So, I’m suspicious of whats there and of what benefit its likely to be.

Chatting with a neighbour recently I discovered that their house, built at the same time, is also supposed to have cavity wall insulation. They had tried to get it re-done but nobody is prepared to touch it as it reportedly already done and trying to re-do it would cause problems.

Presumably this leaves us with little alternative other than to look at some other form of external wall insulation, and I was wondering if you could recommend any systems/suppliers/installers that we could consult for some expert advice?

  • Alasdair Macmillan

    What finish do you need to achieve externally? Render?

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