Dear Experts,

I love this site, so would love some expert advice.

I live in a Victorian single fronted terrace house, which was built over 100 years ago. It had rising damp. I renovated the house 8 years ago and did the following:
– Replaced the roof and guttering.
– Restumped the house, and got SO much dirt dug out to create ventilation
– Installed air vents. The guy who installed the ventilation was great and advised that I should also get a fan installed under the house for $700 to run twice a day, so that it remains dry. I decided I had done enough.
– About one year later I had the house repainted and it looked beautiful, but unfortunately the paint is now flaking (not as bad as before), but it appears I still have rising damp. Oh dear!

Is the fan under the house a good idea? The other option is to spend 10K (ouch!!!) on the Austrian/German Aquapol system.

Kind regards

  • Stephen Barnshaw

    Hi, In short No! think the first thing to do is establish whether in fact you do indeed have rising damp. Using a simple moisture meter will unfortunately not do this, so i would avoid companies that have vested interest in selling you damp proofing product. An independant assessment by a Chartered Building Surveyor should diagnose the problem more definitively. That said peeling paint is not necessarily an indicator of rising damp. the walls may well have a degree of moisture in them that the natural process of evaportion would deal with, if however your paint is impervious and will not allow the wall to "breathe" it may resport to peeling. The fan in the underfloor void should not be required if adequate vents have been installed to the external walls the evaporation process should dry the timber to an acceptable moisture content level naturally. Hope that helps

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