Hi , my planning officer has asked me to supply her more details about why i would like to move back to the village where i grew up in and build a bungalow .. I do own the land . However the land is my dads yard and is about half an acre . She also telling me to build an annex , but thats a bungalow isn’t it ?????

  • Mark Brinkley

    An annex is a separate building but not an independent house. Think granny flats. Planning policy looks favourably on annexes however you wouldn’t be able to raise a mortgage on one, nor would you be able to sell it or even own it. Legally it’s no different to an extension. If, as your question suggests, you want to build a new house, then it may well be that you are about to embark on a major planning battle as the authority may not want new houses in your Dad’s yard.

    As to the question about why you want to return to your roots, this isn’t normally a planning matter, although it’s possible your authority has a policy about encouraging local people to stay put in villages near to where they work. You’ll have to dig deeper. She might just be after a date!

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