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The dream for many people is to build their own home from the ground up in the most idyllic location imaginable. Over recent years, many television programmes have highlighted the trials and tribulations that come with this as they capture the progress of individuals and couples who are making the dream of building their own home a reality. As you will probably be aware from watching these programmes, it is not often that the process is straightforward and goes off without a hitch, so if you are currently considering embarking on a project of this magnitude, it is important to be aware of some of the problems that can potentially arise.

The experts at CNS Power Tools have been supplying the construction trade and people who are looking to build their own homes with essential equipment for many years, and have highlighted a few potential problems below that could arise during this kind of project;

Planning Problems

Acquiring planning permission for your build is stressful as the whole project can hinge on whether or not your request is granted. Utilising the skills and experience of an architect is key when you are looking to give yourself the best chance of getting your plans approved as they will be able to develop precision drawings that clearly show how you wish your new home to look.

If your plans aren’t approved, it isn’t the end of the world as adjustments can be made following the suggestions made by the planning officer. These could be major or minor changes and you will need to work closely with your architect to ensure you don’t lose any of the key features of your build but ensure you comply with the regulations in place.

Once your plans have been approved, you need to be aware that any major alterations you make will again need to be approved and progressing with these changes without prior approval could lead to problems further down the line. It is not uncommon to hear of buildings having to be knocked down after they have been completed as changes have been made to the original plans which were never approved, so it is always better to be safe than sorry and run everything by the planning officer before you build.

Financial Struggles

Building a home requires significant financial investment and by watching any number of shows which charter the journey of building a home from scratch, you will see that it is very rare for financial problems not to arise. The most important thing to do is set yourself a clear budget from the outset as costs can very quickly spiral out of control if you don’t have a tight grip on your finances.

Building costs are one of the main areas where money will be spent and your budget can be eaten into incredibly quickly. People building their own home in the past have had success in managing their budgets by agreeing a fixed price with the builders beforehand, putting the emphasis on the building team to stick to the budget or they will have to pay for anything that goes over the agreed price.

It is vitally important to leave enough money in your kitty to complete the interior of your new home to the standard you desire as you don’t want to spend all of your money on the shell of the property to then be left with nothing to bring the interior up to the highest possible finish. In conclusion, clear budgetary planning is essential so you are fully aware of what you have to spend from the outset and can plan your build around this.

Neighbour Disputes

One problem that many people don’t consider is the impact that your new build will have on those living in the surrounding areas. Disputes with neighbours early on can have long term effects and even impact upon your ability to progress with the build, so it is important to take those living close by to your new home into consideration early on in the process.

Paying those living in close proximity to where you plan to build your new home a visit early on to detail your plans and the disruption they may or may not experience over the coming months will undoubtedly go down well and set you off on the right footing. Invite your neighbours to air any issues they may have and come up with solutions together to show that you care and want to live near to them in harmony.

If you can get your soon-to-be neighbours on side, the journey to building your new home will be a far smoother and straightforward one.

There is no doubting the fact that building your own home from scratch is an adventure, however you need to be prepared for problems to arise along the way. If you can remedy these issues in an objective manner with the least amount of stress and worry though, your house building adventure will be one that stays with you forever, is enjoyable and provides the end result you desired from the off.

This post was written by blogger Oliver Kyle in partnership with CNS Power Tools; experienced suppliers of high end equipment and tools to assist with all manner of construction projects.

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