Hi even though we rang for advise and paid the building control service who came out and inspected our work just before completion we stupidly never had a final inspection after bring told to put up another layer of plasterboards going down the stairwell to the lower floor.Two people came to inspect as we were putting up the new internal wall so it was seen and we did exactly what they told us re double plaster boarding and fire door. As we have it up for sale we are worried now that we don’t have a completion certificate.please tell us what we need to do and are we in danger of anyone being able to object 9 years later to us being able to keep it as the previous owner gave written permission as part of the sale agreement.

  • Adam

    Hello Wendy,

    All is not lost! Even though you have not had building control out for a final check of the work that took place it does not mean that you can’t get your hands on a completion certificate.

    Do you still have any of the paperwork for the original submission you made to the building regs department? You should check with your local building control officer but I believe that a BRegs application is valid for three years from the date of deposit. If you have started the works within the three years there is no time limit to finish.

    You should, theoretically anyway, be able to get the BCO out to sign off the work and issue your completion certificate.
    You will likely be more popular if you have all of the old paperwork to hand when you make your enquiries. 9 years is a long time to hunt back through files!

    You should also have no issues with anybody objecting. If you still have written permission to make changes from the correct person/s/authority then you will be just fine. Unless it is in a listed building you are unlikely to need planning permission to make internal alterations. Just the building regulations approval that you are about to get sorted.

    All the best.

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