Burgess home in Berkshire during the build before weathertight stage

It is finally summer and the good weather means many building projects are in full swing

With longer days and less rain (touch wood) self builders use this time of year to make the most progress with their project. Here, we have put together some articles about the build process, and working with tradesmen, so that you can be well prepared for the summer months and your seemingly never ending to-do list.

A Typical Self Build Schedule
When you take on a self build or renovation, organisation is everything. Here is our suggestion for a schedule

Where to Live Whilst Self Building
A quick look at the different living options available to self builders

How to Build on a Sloping Site
A look at the technical and structural implications for homes on a sloping site. Includes advice on costs, drainage, stilts and basements

Working with Builders
How to create a productive client and builder relationship

How to Spot Mistakes and Tricks
Things that go wrong are usually the result of genuine mistakes, but can sometimes be down to ‘dirty tricks’ by unscrupulous contractors. Luckily, these are not difficult to detect with timely inspections

Our Guide to Paying Builders
Where there is money involved, it is all too easy to get burnt. David Snell offers his tips

Working with Subcontractors
Includes advice on recommendations, maintaining a good relationship, and delays

Project Management Guide
How to decide which build route is best for you

Buying Materials
Self builders who negotiate will pay a lot less for their project than those who don’t — we explain how to get a good deal

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