I have recently extended my house which is end on to the road. We used existing roof tiles on one side and the same style of tile, double roman concrete, on the extension. This is the same tile as the old one but being new is red in colour whereas the old ones have weathered. No one in the vicinity has objected but Building Control insist we have used in incorrect tile and want me to strip the roof and replace the tiles. We have sent photograps taken all round the area showing that the tile we have used (redland) are on numerous houses but they refuse to allow it. My builder insists that the correct tiles have been used. I have requested a further site meeting but they refuse. What steps can I take to overcome this problem, Your advice would be welcome as I don’t know what steps to take. I certainly cannot afford to pay for a new roof. The builer has already been paid. Also who is at fault here?

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


Anne Stephenson

  • Rachel Haynes


    Sorry you’re having these problems. Firstly, do you mean Building Control or Planning? – and for either, what is the reason they give for wanting the tiles removed (why are they incorrect – if it was Planning – what was included in the application information/ planning conditions for the new roof material?).

    Kind regards

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