Hello everyone. I have recently undertaken a large scale refurbishment project of an old and dilapidated Victorian property. The scope of the works was huge. We extended on three sides, gutted large parts of the existing structure, rebuilt and then clad the top half in Marley Cement Weatherboard and rendered the bottom half.

Internally it was new everything; Plumbing, electrics, flooring, plastering. The whole shebang.

Building control were enlisted to oversee the build and visit at the key stages and sign off on the job once it was completed.

Now the house is on the market I am being asked for a Professional Consultants Certificate instead of the Building Regs Completion Certificate. Apparently because my place had so much work done and looks “like a new build” it needs to have a PCC with a warranty on it in order for someone to get a mortgage. This is the stance of the mortgage adviser acting on behalf of the buyers.

But it isn’t a new build. It was an existing home that has been extended and improved. When making this argument I was then told that “any significant conversion” also requires this PCC. The Council of Mortgage Lenders website doesn’t really help much. This is what they have on PCC’s:

It sounds very much like a building regs completion certificate to me!

A company offering retrospective PCC’s explained to me it involves a surveyor coming around to visually inspect the house and “sign off” on its structural worthiness. Surely this is what the Building Control documentation is for is it not? I’m also amazed that the mortgage company are insisting on trusting the results of a very limited, post-completion visual inspection as apposed to the in-depth and regular structural inspections made throughout the project by Building Control.

I can’t help but feel like I’m being forced to shell out another £2000 for a piece of paper that I have already under a different name that is of very little benefit to anybody except the surveyor/surveying firm hired to inspect the property.

Is anybody able to shed any light on these PCC’s and why everyone is now getting their knickers in a twist over me having one? I have read that the PCC may come with some form of warranty attached. How on earth can the surveyor sign off on a warranty if they know nothing of the structural elements behind the bricks and mortar?! Last time I checked it was only Superman that had x-ray vision…..

I’m thoroughly vexed and hoping that someone out there has a better understanding of this that they are willing to share with me.

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