My son and I have almost completed building a new, 175M2, 3 bedroom home for me. I am having difficulty finding house and contents insurance, presumably due to it’s construction. We decided to build it from Sips, with a tiled roof and cedar cladding. The windows are all Velfac double glazed and the entrance/exit doors double locked. We have installed underfloor heating and will put in an air source heat pump. There will also be a heat recovery unit and a wood burner for occasional use.

I have tried to get some price ideas via the internet, but very few companies will offer a quote at all. Can you suggest anyone worth approaching?
Very many thanks

  • Mark Brinkley

    The construction is unusual but not that unusual. Do you have a warranty? Or a professionals certificate to say that its been built correctly? If you can get these, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to get house insurance, though the box ticking internet companies will probably not be where you will find the solution. Suggest either Selfbuild Zone or InsureGreen.

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