I’m considering buying a disused pump house as a renovation project but I would need to decommission the two 450ft boreholes that fed the pumphouse, and also decommission a high voltage cable that runs to the property. I’ve no idea of the costs for doing either – can anyone help please?

  • Tony Taylor


    Sounds like an interesting project. The bore hole equipment is probably already switched off and without being an expert in this technology, I would suggest you get a pumping engineering company to give you some ‘ball park’ figures at this stage to remove the existing equipment.

    With regards the ‘High Voltage Cable’ it is probably a low voltage cable at 400v, otherwise you would have an 11,000v to 400v transformer on the site, which will significantly increase removal costs. You don’t say where the site is in the UK, by going to the following website


    you should be able to identify which distribution network operator (DNO) provides the connection to the site. Have a look at their website, in the connections section and you will find a form to fill in to apply for a disconnection and some guidance notes.

    Sometimes there is a breakdown of costs for normal services provided, including disconnections. Budget costs can vary wildly, assume £1,500 to £3,000 at this stage.

    You may also have the option of carrying out part of the works yourself, although this will only be determined by getting an outline or fixed cost from the DNO.

    Hope this helps



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