I am in the middle of renovating my house and am having bifold doors at the back. I had chosen the doors which were budget range standard size off the peg doors. However it turns out the lintel used in the extension will not support top hung doors. Its too late to change things and I urgently need to source some bottom hung bifold doors. They cannot be bespoke as i cannot afford them and i cannot afford to wait for them. I need the doors within the next couple of weeks as the project will get stuck without them and the house is unsecured without them in place.
They have to be wood as the property is in a conservation area and this is stipulated, they will need to be 2990 mm wide and 2090 mm high.
I have searched exhaustively and all the standard suppliers, Wickes, Vufold, Kloeber, Foldingslidingdoors Moben etc etc are all top hung.
Can anyone tell me where i can source bottom hung off the shelf bifolds please.
Many thanks for any advice

  • Nicola Hopkins

    Hi Tessa,
    I work at Origin – we are a specialist manufacturer of aluminium bi-fold doors, our factory is based in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire and we distribute our doors all over the country.
    Our bi-fold doors are bottom hung. Each door set is completely bespoke and we manufacture according to our customers’ lead times, so if you needed your doors within a week that would be fine. We call this service our ‘Your lead time, not Ours’ promise.
    We don’t however manufacture wooden doors – we can apply a wood-grain effect to our aluminium through a powder-coating process but I understand if you are living in a conservation area that you will need wooden doors.
    I hope you manage to find a good supplier. If you need any help or advice from a member of the team, please give us a call on 0845 450 6662 or email info@origin-global.com, we would be happy to help.
    Kind regards

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