Supplier of windows uk to pasive huis standard triple glassed thermal efficient frames to suit triple glazing argon or krypton gases lowest u value in uk very exposed Windy site.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t recommend companies specifically on this site, but you should try Internorm – probably the UK’s best established triple glazing supplier and long established in Europe.

  • Tim Pullen

    You might also want to do the sums to decide if triple glazing is a worthwhile investment. Typically a U-value of 1.2 (double-glazed and Argon filled) is perfectly adequate and a lot cheaper.

  • Joshua Thorne

    I agree with Jason i would go with Internorm windows for best u values as the majority of the windows they manufacture are to passiv haus standard with the correct glazing configurations and to comment on Tims response the value your giving is just a Ug value which means nothing if the unit the glass is put into is terrible. i recomend you take a look at to see the windows in question

  • Pheiffer Property Services

    If you are looking for high performance from a frame then you will probably find a Hybrid window will serve you best, this is an aluminium clad timber frame window, the outside is aluminium for protection from the elements and provides a low maintenance elegant solution(the aluminium can be powder coated to almost any colour providing a flawless factory finish). the timber is a naturally insulating material this coupled with a high performance warm edge, gas filled, low-e coated glass will see your o/a U value at around 0.7 which is not bad at all considering the performance for a double skin insulated wall is set at 0.2 U-Val as required the building regs.

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