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Easy Fixes for a More Restful Bedroom 

  • A fresh coat of paint in a calm shade – greens, blues and greys – will promote relaxation
  • Invest in new curtains or blinds, ensuring they will block out street lights and early morning light in the summer
  • Treat yourself to some new bedding. Opt for natural fibres – cotton, linen or silk – which not only look more luxurious, but feel it too as they are breathable fabrics that help you to keep cool and soothe your skin
  • Keep your bedroom cool and well ventilated. Stuffy rooms cause dehydration and headaches
  • A new Casper memory foam mattress can revolutionise the way you sleep overnight

By far the biggest improvement you can make is to replace your mattress. Out of sight under layers of sheets, duvets, and bedspreads, it’s something that’s easily forgotten. But don’t take it for granted. Mattresses should be replaced approximately every 8-10 years, not just for cleanliness, but also because they lose their shape as they get older, developing uncomfortable lumps and bumps that will interrupt your sleep. If you’ve had the same mattress for more than 8 years and you’re waking up with back ache it’s almost certainly the cause.

What Type of Mattress to Choose?

Memory foam mattress

Memory foam is a mouldable material that responds to the shape of your body, absorbs your weight and relieves joint pressure. Ideal for anyone who suffers from back pain. We recommend Casper’s mattresses, which have been designed by sleep experts and engineers and have a breathable top layer – for the ultimate support and temperature regulation. Their customers say it makes them feel weightless. Plus they’ll deliver it to your door in just 2-3 days.

Open spring mattress (open coil or continuous coil mattresses)

This type of mattress contains one long piece of wire coiled into springs. A good budget buy but don’t offer as much support as other mattresses. More suited to occasional light use for a guest or child’s bed.

Pocket spring mattress

Made from smaller springs each cased in a pocket of fabric. Gives more support than open spring mattresses and available in soft, medium or firm options which can be personalised to suit bedfellows with different requirements. They are heavy to turn.

Latex mattress

Latex foam is a breathable, durable material. It suits people who prefer a firmer bed, but can be heavy and difficult to turn. Cheaper versions may develop lumps and pits over time.

How do you Test a Mattress for Comfort?

According to The Sleep Council, the average adult shifts their position between 40-60 times during the course of a night’s sleep, so it’s important to test a mattress with a variety of sleeping positions and to spend long enough on the mattress to be sure it suits you. But just the thought of buying a new mattress comes with a bit of embarrassment: how many of us could honestly feel at our ease lying down on a mattress for the recommended 10-15 minutes in a shop full of salespeople and other customers? In those circumstances it’s unlikely that anything feels comfortable. But that needn’t be the case…

Comfort Direct to your Door

A Casper mattress can be delivered direct to your home 2-3 days after placing your order, and comes with a 100-day trial and money-back guarantee.

The mattress is made up of four layers of foam, with a open-cell top layer for a softer touch and breathability; high-density memory foam for pressure relief; a deep comfort transition layer for even weight distribution; and finally a base layer for durability and support.

Recently recognised in Which? Best Buy Mattresses January 2018, Casper’s product was developed during four years of rigorous testing in the company’s laboratories.

It arrives in a box ready for you to unpack and try in the privacy of your own bedroom – no public embarrassment required!


Pillow Talk

Lastly, don’t forget your pillow – second only to your mattress as essential to nighttime comfort. It’s worth doing some research to find one that suits your personal preference:

If you sleep…

  • On your front –   a softer down pillow or low-fill synthetic pillow will suit you best
  • On your back –  you should choose a medium thickness pillow – high-fill down, memory foam, or medium synthetic pillow
  • On your side  – a medium-high thickness pillow – high-fill down pillow, memory foam pillow or medium-high density synthetic pillow will be the best choice

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep

  • Keep to a regular bedtime and have a strict curfew on tech for at least an hour before bed
  • Resist the temptation to check your phone in bed, and don’t have a TV in your bedroom
  • If you find it hard to switch off after a busy day, or if you worry about the day ahead, write a to-do list. Putting your thoughts and worries down on paper helps you to process them and put them to one side
  • Don’t eat too late before bed – allow yourself plenty of time to digest your evening meal before settling down. If you need a snack before bed, opt for one of the following: bananas, oats and honey – all sleep-promoting foods
  • Have a relaxing bath, adding a few drops of lavender oil for extra relaxation
  • Don’t nap during the day, get some fresh air and exercise instead

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