Is it correct that a toilet can only be installed against an outside wall ? If this is not so what do I need and what are pitfalls if any, on positioning against an internal wall ? All other advice appreciated….

  • Adam

    The reason you want to fit a toilet to an outside wall is the ability to remove the waste straight out of the building and away to the drains. It is perfectly possible to put a toilet against an internal wall but you face a greater challenge removing the waste water from the building. The waste pipe is 100mm (4") in diameter and bulky. You want as few corners as possible to limit the potential for blockages and you need to consider that the pipe requires a constant fall on it to ensure it carries the waste away effectively.

    If you wish to have a toilet away from an outside wall then you can use a macerator and pump to get rid of the waste. I won’t go into the gory details. Google it and you’ll find what you need!

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