Hello everyone, in a weeks time i am starting with my first house renovation project. I am not going DIY i will just manage the whole process.

Up to now i have come up with the materials cost and now i have started preparing a list of works required so as to be able to get quotes from builders.

Below i have posted a sequence of works required for a bathroom. Do you think the sequence is correct?

Sequence of Works for a Bathroom

1) Stripping
Remove door, skirting boards, architraves and coving.
Disconnect radiator and cover the pipes.
Remove radiator and brackets.
Remove toilet, bathroom and basin.
Remove old tiles, paint and plaster from walls down to brick.
Remove old paint and plaster from ceiling.
Remove floor tiles.

2) Electrics
Install wiring for additional shaver sockets and lighting.
Install wiring for extractor fan.

3) Plumbing
Remove floor boards to hide radiator pipes below floor.
Check water supply pipes, waste pipes and radiator pipes for leaks.
Relocate pipes if required.
Reinstall floor boards.

4) Windows
Remove old window & install new window.

5) Plastering
Dot and dab plasterboard to walls.
Install plasterboard to ceiling (if needed).
Skim coat.
Plaster walls and ceiling.

6) Painting
Apply a mist coat (50/50 water ratio).
Paint walls and ceiling.

7) Electrics
Install sockets and light switch cover.
Install ceiling light.
Install mirror lighting.
Install extractor fan.

8) Towel Radiator
Install radiator brackets.
Install radiator.
Insert pipe sleeve kit.
Connect pipe to radiator through the valve.

9) Toilet
Install toilet.

10) Bath
Install bath.

11) Basin
Install basin.

12) Tiles
Tile the walls. Tile the floor.

13) Joinery
Cut skirting boards, architraves and coving to size.
Prepare door and install handle set.
Install skirting boards, architraves, coving and door.
Paint skirting boards, architraves, coving and door.

14) Basin
Install mirror, wall mounted cabinet and shelf.

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