Looking for some guidance here and would appreciate any advice.

We are looking at purchasing a plot that has full planning approval along with construction drawings and building regs. The issue we have is that the proposed house is 300m2 and my Wife and I think that not only is it too big for the plot, but also not of a style that we really like.

We would like to put a contemporary designed house onto the plot and cut the size down to 250m2

The plot sits in a conservation area and there are a handful of very contemporary houses in the area, so they are not against the idea.

I just spoke with the architect who did the drawings in an attempt to get an idea of costings for a new application and he came back with

Planning application – £8750
Building Regs – £5000
Construction drawings – £3750

I must admit that I nearly fell off my chair, but I wanted to ask what people thought about these figures and whether that is about right for a 250m2 property


  • Anonymous

    It’s very difficult to generalise in terms of design fees – there is a huge difference depending on their reputation, experience and, in truth, what they feel they can get away with.

    However, your total fees of £16k do sound a little toppy – I would be expecting to pay that kind of fee for an architect taking on some supervisory role too.

    In general, I would be expecting design fees of between 5-10k on most self-build homes, perhaps up to 15k.

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