Hi there,
We have just been granted full planning permission for our 300m2 new house in Angus. Unfortunately my Architect has withdrawn his services due to ill health and we now require options for the Terrace/Balcony for building control submission (amongst loads of other detail) . Our kit supplier I hope will “pick up the pieces” but I would like to see what options are out there.

  • Anonymous

    Hi John,

    What kind of balcony are you looking for? One that is integral to the house i.e. built within the structure or one that’s an ‘add-on’ to a structure?

    I’m just half way through finishing mine on a new-build and it’s an ‘add-on’ i.e I ended up doing a steel structure, wood deck, and S/S and glass balustrade. If I’m totally honest with you, think hard about how you want to do it (obviously I don’t know what your house looks like etc) as an ‘integral structure one’ will be cheaper than an add-on. For example for an add-on one that’s around 15m x 1.5m you are looking at around £15-20k all-in depending on getting good quotes and how much you do yourself. If you use a contractor it will cost more I should imagine. There’s lots to think about….trust me! I wish I’d done integral to the structure as it probably would have cost less. Still, everything works in roundabouts! If you need any info, post back.



  • John Anderson

    Hi PW,
    Ours is integral part of the house, it will sit above one of the bedrooms, and the only access is from the lounge area.

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