The Awards celebrate a wide range of projects, from contemporary self builds, cleverly executed barn conversions, sensitive restorations, amazing extensions, and everything in between. But the Awards are not simply a celebration of stunning homes and great architecture, but about the homeowners behind these projects.

Overall Winner and Best Contemporary Home

Rising up from a former derelict, rubbish-laden site in London comes an impressive new home which brings together mid-century modern design and raw materials — all built around a century-old pear tree. To preserve the tree, the home had to be designed around it, resulting in the creation of an internal courtyard providing both privacy and light.

contemporary self build home around a tree

Name: Jake Edgley (family home), architect at Edgley Design

Type: Self build

Location: London

Cost: £2,000/m²

Size: 407 m²

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Reader’s Choice Winner

Also the winner of The Best Extension/Remodel category, this home features a glazed spine that offers a contrast between the original cottage and its extension.

cottage with stone and glad extension

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Category Winners

Residential Design Excellence Award

  • Name: Peter and Annelies Tompkins
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: Newbury
  • Cost: £1495.54/m²
  • Size: 224m²
  • Architect: Tompkins Rygole Ltd
exterior of a brick build

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Best Traditional Home

  • Name: Jean and Ian Rhodes
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: Cambridge
  • Cost: £1,538.46/m²
  • Size: 520m²
  • Architect: Snell David Architects
arts and crafts inspired self build

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Best Renovation

  • Name: Sandra Coppin
  • Type: Remodel/extension/renovation
  • Location: Salisbury
  • Cost: £1,424/m²
  • Size: 135m² (house) 30m² (studio)
  • Architect: Coppin Dockray Architects (own studio)
1960s self build on a sloping site renovated

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Best Conversion

  • Owners: Stefan Camenzind and brother-in-law Rob Broomby
  • Type: Conversion (chapel)
  • Location: Teesdale
  • Cost: £1,500/m²
  • Size: 141m²
  • Architecture: Evolution Design
chapel conversion in Teesdale

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Best Eco Home

  • Name: Graham and Emma Bizley
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: Somerset
  • Cost: £2,146.02/m²
  • Size: 226m²
  • Architect: Prewett Bizley Architects (own practice)
Self build Passivhaus kitchen diner

Best Timber Frame Home

  • Family: Richard and Christine Baker
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: Isle of Man
  • Cost: £1,397/m²
  • Size: 285m² including basement and outbuildings
  • Package company: Potton
drive way to a contemporary Potton timber frame home

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An Open Plan Family Home

  • Name: Louisa Cohn
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: Oxfordshire
  • Cost: £2,173.91/m²
  • Size: 230m²
  • Architects: Adrian James Architects
open plan modern kitchen diner

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Three Listed Cottages Transformed into a Single Home

Name: Sean Peel (architect/owner)

  • Type: Remodel/extension/renovation
  • Location: Nottingham
  • Cost: £1,400/m²
  • Size: 150m²
  • Architect: Self designed
listed properties converted into one family home

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London Terrace Extension

  • Architect: Phil Coffey of Coffey Architects
  • Type: Extension/remodel/renovation
  • Location: London
  • Cost: £1,630.95/m²
  • Size: 191.3m²
  • Architect: Coffey Architects
London terrace renovation with rear extension

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A New England Style Timber Frame Self Build

  • Name: Richard Gane
  • Type: Self build timber frame
  • Location: East Sussex
  • Cost: £978.26/m²
  • Size: 276m²
New England style self build

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A Self Build for Art Collectors

  • Family: Max and Diana Aiken
  • Type: Self build timber frame /eco
  • Location: Bath
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 258.8 m²
  • Architect: Andrew Wood Associates (planning), Designscape Architects (detailed design and construction)
timber frame self build

Extended Period Home in a Conservation Area

  • Type: Extension/remodel/renovation
  • Location: London
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: Undisclosed
  • Architect: Alexander Owen Architecture
copper clad extension to a period home in a conversation area

A Contemporary, Vernacular New Build in the New Forest

  • Family: Vicky and Andrew Roberts
  • Architect: Wendy Perring, PAD Studio
  • Type: Hampshire
  • Location: Self build
  • Cost: £2,475/m²
  • Size: 200m²
contemporary vernacular home in the New Forest

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A Hidden London Self Build

  • Architect: Brendan Tracey of Phillips Tracey Architects
  • Type: Self build
  • Location: London
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 144m²
hidden self build in London

A Suburban Home Opened Up And Extended

  • Name: Ed and Sarah Gurney
  • Type: Remodel/extension/renovation
  • Location: Winchester
  • Cost: £925.93/m²
  • Size: 270m²
  • Architect: AR Design Studio
an extended and remodelled home with clad extension

A Bungalow Transformed by Two Storey Extension

  • Name: Mr and Mrs Morley
  • Type: Extension/remodel
  • Location: Hampshire
  • Cost: £872.69/m²
  • Size: 216m² with separate garage
  • Architect: Lesley Hally of LA Hally Architect
two storey extension with timber cladding

A Listed Norfolk Barn Converted

  • Architect: Niall Maxwell, Rural Office for Architecture
  • Type: Barn conversion
  • Location: North Norfolk
  • Cost: Undisclosed
  • Size: 99m²
converted listed barns with clad extension