I use my home for both private use and to see some of my private patients (I’m a dietician).

I currently use the dining room as a home office, but we are planning a home extension and we may convert the use of the current dining room into a home office if we have enough space fora new dining area in the new kitchen.

Does the UK offer any tax relief to me as a private limited company?

Are there any savings that we can make, given I use my home for my business?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Anthony & Jenny

  • Adam

    Anthony & Jenny,

    In short the answer is yes. There are reliefs available for you if use areas of your home for business. There are few blanket rules however. The specifics of the reliefs available to you for your situation can be explained to you in detail by your accountant. I would suggest you take your advice from qualified sources only. The potential pitfalls are many if you do not have a good grasp on the rules and how to apply them.

    If you do not already have an accountant to hand you could look at finding one to help you manage your taxation affairs for year end. As a PLC you should be able to do this relatively cheaply if you keep accurate records and you might be surprised by the value of their input. I know I certainly was when I finally teamed up with one. Nothing fancy. Just a sole trader chartered accountant working out of her own home. I went from accounting disaster (poor records, no grip on cashflow or even monitoring invoice payments) to ship shape within a year and she saves me more than her fees cost. No brainer really….

  • Fred Davidson

    Note that if you undertake work to your house paid for through your company (as opposed to undertaking that work in your capacity as a private individual homeowner) then those works become subject to all parts of the CDM Regulations – including client responsibilities.

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