We are selling our house at present and, having not found another property we like and can afford, we’ve decided to plan our own build instead.

We will have around 90k deposit once sold and can get a mortgage for about 125-130k. We hope to, with this money, get the best and biggest plot and shell we can. We’re not hoping for a finished product, just a liveable shell to continue work on ourselves for a year or two. 3-4 beds, modest size, Timber Frame kit with small customised changes. nothing too fancy, just a blank canvas that is watertight that I can work on.

I’m planning on being involved in the build myself as much as is possible but have no specific trades behind me in this area.

How realistic am I being?

What is the best step by step process I should follow to do it?

thank you
many of your articles have been great help so far in enlightening me on the subject.

  • AB Architectural Design Ltd

    Hi Daniel,

    If you can find a good sight outside of London you’re probably looking at anything from £50K – £100K and with a good size 3 – 4 bedroom house of around 100m2 and a build cost of between £1000m2 – £1500m2 depending on spec you should be able to get a finished article comfortably for £200,000 + VAT which you can reclaim on the build cost (However you should be able to write to your trades people and declair that the project is zero rated for VAT and they won’t need to charge you in the first instance) Although I would double check this with the HMRC. Hope that helps.

  • Stephen Margerison

    Hi Daniel, previous answer is spot on, if I where you, spend lots of time finding the plot, ! this is your biggest hurdle!! think outside the box! look at derelict property you can demolish, pubs, any thing OTHER than an obvious flat plot, keep at it, look at people gardens, particularly big one ! but do it ! good luck, SKM

  • Keith Hall

    Hi Daniel, I agree with the above, I have completed a number of self builds now, If you can get the land under 90K, As long a you project manage every stage, it possible. Believe me a new builds is easier than a restoration of the same. We built a 4 bed for under 90K. Keep the design simple see home builder extra autumn 2013. Keep fittings simple and standard. Don’t pay any contractor up front and have contracts in place before you start, write them your self or even tape the conversation with your builder as proof of contract. Its legal, so long as he knows. I can now do anything, If I didn’t know, I read up on it, or spent time with the trade as a labourer to see how it was done. Get one good tools, and keep them locked away. For those with the drive its a breeze. Good luck. KH

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