Working on a new build of 400swm. We will be using 2 x 14kw heat pumps and a MVHR system. Up until now, we had just planned a standalone aricon unit in the loft, but the recent hot weather has encourage us to explore other alternative.
The split Daikin Altherma heat pump has a cooling option, but am concerned it will create condensation and not be as effective as ducted aircon? Any thoughts factoring in effectiveness, install cost and running cost?


  • Tim Pullen

    That looks like a lot of heating for a 400sq m new build house – almost double what might be expected and worth checking.

    If you are thinking of air con you might want to look at the Rehau in-ground system from ADM Systems – it provides cooling to the temperature of the ground (around 12C) at very low running cost.

    The Daikin Altherma works and I have not experienced any condensation problems – bit noisy though.

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