Thanks for the above information. We are planning to have underfloor heating on both the ground floor and first floor or our new house, and we would be very grateful we you could help us answer a few questions we have on underfloor heating.

1. Is it possible to have the underfloor heating manifolds for both floors located in one cupboard or do you need a separate cupboard on each floor? Are there any implications?
2. If the manifolds for both floors can be located in one cupboard, what is the best floor to locate the cupboard?
3. Can the manifold cupboard be located in the basement to serve both the ground floor and the first floor?

Thanks for your time and valuable assistance

  • Anonymous

    Tony, in most projects a separate manifold for each floor is required, and we would recommend this in order for your system to operate in the most efficient way.

    There are certain instances where a manifold could be fitted on the upper floor to serve both that floor and the downstairs, but it does depend on the circumstances of the project. Where it is possible to use just one manifold, we would recommend that it is placed on the upper floor simply because it

  • tonykay4269

    Thanks for this. It really helps. It means we have to make room for a small cupboard/storage on each floor to site the manifolds

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