-Adequate sprinklers and smoke detectors have been installed to mitigate any fire risk due to putting up the partition wall.

  • Adam


    Any internal construction that takes place will need building regulations notification. In the case of walls they will be interested in the structures ability to resist the spread of fire, provide adequate insulation and does not ‘trap’ anyone in a space ie into an area with no windows. That may sound daft but you’d be amazed what some people do! The regs are not there to trip up the sensible homeowner seeking to safely remodel. They are there to ensure safe construction takes place and to prevent disasters from occurring. Building regulations are shaped by, amongst other things, lessons learnt from incidents that usually cost someone their life.

    You should not need to submit plans or calculations for the wall since it is non load bearing and simple to construct. You will need to submit a building notice. This notifies the building regs dept of your intentions and you can begin work within 48 hours of making the notice. The builder will know when the building control officer will want to inspect the work so will most likely contact him/her for you at the relevant time. If you are planning on doing the work yourself it would be wise to ask when he wishes to see the work in progress.

    I see you mention that adequate fire protection is in place to mitigate fire issues. This is always wise but the BC officer will want to see it with his/her own eyes.

    My tip, if you are not constrained by budget is to double board the walls prior to skimming, purchase a quality fire rated door and take great care in its installation . This will drastically reduce the transmission of noise. Stud partition walls, as I found to my dismay when I built a new home, are poor at preventing the passage of sound. You could investigate acoustic plasterboard as well but that can get pricey.

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  • Adam

    I have just realised that I misread your question John. Perhaps answering over my morning coffee was a little too soon. The wheels hadn’t really started turning!

    If the work has already been completed then you may well be expected to undo some of it in order to satisfy the building control officer. If they do ask for that then in all honesty it shouldn’t be too big a hardship They are chiefly concerned with fire resistance (plaster coat and plasterboard offers 30 mins fire resistance) and that is evident by sight. You may need to cut a small hole to show that there is insulation installed and produce paperwork to evidence that any electrical work undertaken was done so by a qualified tradesman.

    The only other thing I could think of would be the door and if you have installed a firedoor. It should provide minimum 30 minutes resistance and this is marked as FD30 somewhere on the door.

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