Woodburning stoves are increasingly popular with homeowners, not only in terms of their beautiful aesthetic, but also their efficiency. If you are debating whether a woodburning stove is the right heating option for you, then it is well worth considering the myriad of benefits to ensure you choose the best model for your home.

1) Efficiency

With an open fire, up to 90 per cent of the heat generated disappears straight up the chimney instead of heating the room itself. With a woodburning stove, this figure is reduced to around 20 to 25 per cent, meaning it provides a much more efficient way to heat your home.

When choosing a woodburning stove, you will need to work out the heat demand for your domestic space to ensure that you select a model with the right heat output capability. Also, by choosing wood that is properly seasoned (dried out), you will also optimise the kWh of heat you can generate.

2) Cost-effectiveness

With energy prices seemingly always on the rise, it is getting more expensive to keep homes warm, particularly during the winter months. While there is an initial outlay for a woodburning stove and its installation, the subsequent fuel efficiency saving means that it is a economical choice for your home.

Woodburning stove from The Woodford Collection

A woodburning stove is a great way to create a cosy feel in your home this winter. This is the 5KW model from The Woodford Collection

3) Eco Credentials

For those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, a woodburning stove is well worth considering. Wood is renewable and therefore a much more sustainable fuel source than gas. Wood is also classed as carbon neutral, meaning that it emits as much carbon monoxide when it burns as it consumes when it grows.

Furthermore, if you takes steps to purchase responsibly sourced firewood, where for every tree that is cut down another one is planted, then there will be more trees available to consume carbon monoxide. This will offset the carbon monoxide produced when the firewood is burned.

4) Clean Burn Functionality

There are Smoke Control Areas throughout the UK where woodburning is illegal. However, while this does not mean that you cannot have a woodburning stove in these areas, it does mean that you have to choose a model that is approved for use in the stipulated zones.

This is where a Clean Burn Airwash function comes into play. This feature controls and directs airflow into the stove and means that any smoke-causing by-products emitted through burning the wood are ignited and burned again. This not only drastically reduces smoke emissions, but also optimises the heat output of the fuel and helps to keep the glass doors of the stove beautifully clear.

Woodburning stove from The Woodford Collection

Woodburning stoves can look great in both modern and traditional homes. Woodford Collection Widescreen 5KW (also pictured in main image)

5) Atmosphere

A woodburning stove creates a comforting and cosy atmosphere in any home, and can fit seamlessly into both modern and traditional style abodes. As well as providing a stunning focal point to any space, a woodburning stove will also ensure that you can heat your home, even in the event of loss of power due to extreme weather conditions. Different sizes are available so that you can choose the right size and heat output for your space.

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