Zimmer frames, bingo and ‘meals on wheels’ have unfairly become somewhat synonymous with the bungalow — which is unsurprising given the stereotype that they are the residence of choice for the over 65s.

However, the necessity of one storey living doesn’t make everyone go beige in the design department. The bungalows featured below seek to break longstanding stereotypes and prove that single storey homes can be contemporary, trend setting, and ultimately the perfect home for every generation.

California Dreaming

bungalow transformed to look like beach house

The outcome of a desire to truly experiment with design, this 1910s bungalow in Preston, fully equipped with modern interiors, mood lighting and palm trees wouldn’t look out of place on a Cali beachfront.

Photographer: Jeremy Phillips

Into the Woods

bungalow with large oak extension

What was once a plain timber framed bungalow was totally transformed by the addition of a large oak extension that not only complemented the woodland setting, but simultaneously established it as a light and airy home, perfect for family living.

Photographer: English Oak Buildings

The Budget Bungalow

white modern bungalow in green garden

Costing only £100,000 to build, this stunning bungalow is successful in busting two myths in one go. Firstly, it proves that bungalows can hold their own in the contemporary design field and secondly, it demonstrates that impressive homes can be attained without breaking the bank.

Photographer: John Need

Let There be Light

modern white bungalow with well presented garden

Sliding doors are every bungalow-renovator’s best friend. They not only add light and a contemporary feel to the build, but create the potential for modern, indoor-outdoor living, in turn maximising potential in homes that are often short on space.

Photographer: Jeremy Phillips

Rural Retreat

evening shot of modern bungalow in scottish highlands

This low-carbon bungalow demonstrates the diverse potential of single storey builds and would make the perfect place for a weekend getaway. It combines the luxuries of modern living with the beauty of rural countryside.

Photographer: Andrew Lee

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