I live on a long busy road where the street is made up of small terraces each with 5 houses. I’m right in the middle, mine and all the others have ground floor extensions to the rear. I’d like to know if I can put on a second floor to the rear as I’m told it’s cheaper than a loft extension. The end of terrace in several examples on the street seem to have put on second floor extensions but I’m concerned being in the middle would have right to light issues for my neighbours particularly as we are East facing. Thanks for any advice.

  • Adam

    Hi Colin.

    The only way you will get a definitive answer to your query is to speak to your local planning department. The council will have duty planning officers on hand to take phonecalls during certain parts of the day (usually before 10 or 11am as they often have site visits in the afternoon)

    They will have the knowledge required to assist you. There are planning norms that are true nationally but in many instances local issues/regulations will impact what you can/can’t do. They are usually a friendly bunch and willing to help. They may even have a pre-application advice service like they do around here; for £50 they will visit your site with your basic, hand drawn proposals and offer you a considered view on how they think such an application would fare.

    Good luck with your investigations,


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