We built a large (6 car) garage under building regs which was signed off in October 2011. It was built exactly to the rules set out on the planning portal in respect of height, distance from boundary wall & the fact it is less than 50% of our garden (we have a third of an acre). In October 2012 we applied & received planning permission to extend our house but part of the planning permission approval was the removal of our permitted development rights. Due to an unpleasant neighbour we have just had our 4th visit from the local council planning enforcement team & this officer has informed us that the garage must be subservient to the house despite us not finding this phrase on their or the governments website. As a result of a boundary dispute with the said neighbour (don’t even start me on that & how horrible people can be) we may end up in the situation that our boundary is not where the previous owner told us it was so we would need to apply for retrospective planning permission for the garage which the enforcement office has told us we will not get as we have lost our permitted development rights despite the garage being built & signed off before we built the house extension. As you can image very upset & concerned that the garage we built adhering to the guidelines provided on the planning portal & council website may now have to be pulled down. Is anyone else aware of the subservient rule in the content of garages, I am aware of the concept in connection with extension. Thanks

  • Dave L

    Class E of the Permitted Development rules covering garden buildings refers to it being

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