For the self-builder, renovator and average homeowner, two good things from today’s Pre-Budget Report.

Firstly, 2010 looks like being a good year to change that old boiler (insert slightly old joke about husband/wife here). The announcement today means that, at ‘the earliest opportunity in 2010’ a scheme will be launched to allow homeowners to claim up to £400 as a trade-in for their old, inefficient boiler. A bit like the car scheme, but for boilers.

Just one point on this – new condensing boilers need an external wall (as they need to get rid of the condensate easily) and many existing boilers (including that owned by my parents) are currently situated on an internal wall. One to mull on.

Secondly, good news for those already excited by the introduction of Feed-in Tariffs in April 2010. This income (which the chancellor claims is going to average £900 – we think it might be more) is going to be tax-free.

So, raise a toast this evening. You greenies have never had it so good.

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